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What is: An investment club consist of a group of individuals who typically meet on a regular basis for the purpose of investing money. One of the reasons that people come together in investment clubs is to learn how to invest, and investment club members usually contribute money and invest as a group in a club portfolio. That way investment club members can participate in investments with larger sums of money that is possible on their own. And they are able to spread their investments on more shares in more business sectors, in an effort to minimize risk.

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Investment clubs should also use tools to manage their investments. A good investment tool like Amateur Invest, makes it easy to follow the investments made in the investment club. With the software you can follow the investments made in the club, and report to all club members on the performance of the investments. - So before you join an investment club, be sure they use Amateur Invest - or use it yourself, to track the perfomance in the investment club.

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Download There are many ways to do this easily with Amateur Invest, and you can download the best free to try and easy to use package by clicking the link or the picture. - The link will bring you directly to the free download page. You can try the tool for free. - You can also use this site to learn much more about investing and the software program.

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