Add portfolio item window.

In the add portfolio item window, you enter your buys. Companies has to be defined in the securities window first - so that prices can be automatically downloaded. You enter the number of eg. shares you have bought, and the price you have paid for each. If it is in a foreign country, you can also enter a currency exchange rate.

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In the add portfolio item window, you can also enter the cost (transaction cost) associated with buying the security. And you can enter a stop loss / stop profit price - in order to have alarms if the current price goes over or under the price you set.

By entering a negative number you indicate a short sell.

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Add portfolio item window.

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Disclaimer: The term Amateur is not used to insult anyone. It is used about people that does not invest for a living, and as such does not sit around watching the investment markets all their time. People like us also need access to tools and independent information to help us make the most of our hard earned money.

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