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Before you download, please read the rest of this page, about installation, uninstallation, user-id and password, machine requirements, EULA, copyrights and pricing (registration & benefits).
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NB: Amateur Invest 2010, revision A+ (Updated 1. Jun. 2011)!
- or try the new beta version.

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Amateur Invest,
Full package,

NB: Pick either of these if this is the first time you download. It includes everything needed for a new installation.

(appx. 2.4 MB)

Download.com: ainvest.exe
Tucows: ainvest.exe

Amateur Invest,
Only if you already have the full package installed of an earlier release. Make a backup first, then install into existing folder.

(appx. 2 MB)

Amateur Invest,
NB: These are demo programs only. You cannot enter data, but it can give an idea about the possibilities in the program.

NB: Please take a look at these up to date online tutorial and demo / screencast pages also !

NB: older demo version
(appx. 1.2 MB)


See the version page for latest release, and see beta page for latest developments.

Please sign the guest book, when you download files.

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About the installation:

1. Start Windows Explorer, and make a folder.
2. Click on the filename above, and save the file in the folder you just created.
3. When the file has been downloaded, run it by clicking on it in the Explorer.
4. The file will then be extracted in the folder, and the "setup" procedure will begin.
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the program.
6. When you start Amateur Invest, the user id & password is: MANAGER
7. Follow the instructions in the program about getting the latest stock prices.

The program can easily be fully uninstalled, read further below.


When the program is installed, you can find it in your Windows programs menu. There you can also find an Uninstall menu item. Click on it and you'll be guided through the process. Or select Amateur Invest in your Windows "Add/remove programs" function. In both cases the program will be completely removed from the computer.

Machine requirements:

These are the machine requirements for Amateur Invest. A newer/faster machine than this suggested minimum requirement, will process data faster. Hardware: Pentium 400 Mzh, 128 Mb Ram, 20 Mb free HD space. Software: Windows 95/98/ME or Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista, Windows 7/8.

EULA, Copyrights and disclaimer:

This program is protected by laws of copyright. You have the right to download the program and try it out. If you copy the program to another destination, you must do so in its entirety and without any alterations.

Amateur Invest and the accompanying files are delivered "as is" and WITHOUT WARRANTIES as to performance or merchantability or ANY other warranties whether expressed or implied.

Because of the many different hardware and software environments into which Amateur Invest may be placed, NO WARRENTY of FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS OFFERED.

Good data processing procedures dictates that any program be thoroughly tested with non-critical data before relying on it. The user must assume the entire risk of using Amateur Invest. ANY LIABILITY of the producer and seller is limited exclusively to product replacement or refund of purchase price.


Amateur Invest is free of charge - but may have limited functionality in certain places. If you like to take advantage of the extra features, you can register. Registration will give you a code, that you can enter into the program, and the rest of the program features will be available. Easy registration procedures are described on this page: REGISTRATION.

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