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More How-To examples.

This page contains more examples from the How-To page.

D. How can I get more company examples?

Besides the more than 100 companies that comes with Amateur Invest from the beginning, more companies can be downloaded via Internet.

This is done in the Import/Export window. Click on the "Security" Button.

E. How to see combined buy price and do what-if analysis?

Users with the registered version can select several companies, and then click the calculator icon in the portfolio window.

This brings up a window, and all the stocks selected will be added together, and an average price is shown.

What-if analysis example.

In the example above, there are 2 Microsoft deals. Those deals are selected with either the mouse or the keyboard. Then the Calculator Icon on the right side in the portfolio window is pushed. The What-If window is show, and the 2 deals are calculated together as an average.

F. How can I see the sales for a year, and do my taxes?

In the portfolio window, in the top right corner you can select "invest sold". This brings up all your sold deals. Now you can push the "Filter" button.

In setting the filter you can set the checkmark to mean "sell date". So the date range you set up, apply to the sell date.

So set the first filter and date to >= 01-01-2006 and the second to < 01-01-2007. This will give you all the sold trades for the year 2006.

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