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CV, Curriculum Vitae:

This page contain a personal profile, a CV - Curriculum Vitae, for the owner of Simply Data, the author of the book "Make money on stocks", and the software programs; "Amateur Invest", "Keep It (a) Secret", and "DataShow".

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1. CV - Curriculum vitae, Personal profile:

Name.................: R. Michael
E-mail................: Email for CV, Curriculum Vitae for project manager,system architect,.Net,Delphi,Lotus Notes / Domino,J2EE programming.
Date of birth.....: December 1964
Family...............: 2 children: Sara (21) and Daniel (18).
Countries.........: See list of countries visited here.


2. CV - Curriculum vitae, Specialities:

Making complex tasks easy. Being creative. Always looking for the best, but also most practical solution. Strategical IT use: Software to enhance the value of the business. - A software and "system architect". Has worked as a technical project manager, systems / software architect, as programmer, and has experience with the following technologies / programming languages: .NET, Sharepoint, Delphi, Lotus Notes / Domino, Java / J2EE.

Likes hands-on with both people and systems... Optimal 50-50 between project management and hands on participation in solution. - I like to know what is going on, and being in touch with the team. Can operate at strategic and top management level.


3. CV - Curriculum vitae, Practical background:

1998- Present: Scandinavian Data Center A/S. Large software company for banks.
(Oct. 1998 - ) Software architect, Technical Project Manager and Developer. Architect for .Net and Sharepoint 2007 development for internet homebank. Java / J2EE and programming. In the department for PC-development, has been responsible for Lotus Notes development / programming. Projects like: www / web internet applications integrated with back-office programs, credit rating applications, Customer task management system, Sales management system, and integration to mainframe systems. Architect and chief developer behind a large number of systems and solutions. Personnel responsibility: 0-10.

1996-1998: Castrol A/S. International production company in the oil business.
(Sep. 1996 - Jun. 1998) CIO, Manager of IT department. With reference to the board of directors, responsible for IT-strategies, projects, and budget. Day to day operation and backup of an AS/400 and NT network. Lotus Notes installation, Win 95 PC's, Lotus Smartsuite, Delphi programming, Internet homepages, Bonus Club, year 2000 project, Economy- and production planning system (BPCS). Personnel responsibility: 3.

1996-1996: Techotel A/S. Scandinavian based software company for Hotels and Restaurants.
(Jan. 1996 - Sep. 1996) Manager of development department. Responsible for development and maintenance of a program used in all parts of hotel management. Hot-line function, customer service, and responsible for creation of an internet site. Personnel responsibility: 6.

1989-1996: Unibank A/S. Large danish based international bank.
(Apr. 1995 - Jan. 1996) Group leader and deputy section leader for a section called "support". Personnel responsibility: 3 direct in group, 14 as deputy in section.

Autumn 1994 to January 1995, I have as part of the management team been a considerable contributor to organisational change / resource optimizing / process reengineering.

(Jan. 1994 - Apr. 1995) Section leader for a section called "user coordination", that took care of the contact to the central EDP organisation and external suppliers for all of the EDP area in the foreign exchange department. The responsibilities included short and long term planning for resource pull, gathering, structuring and prioritising user demands, security administration, management information and extract/statistics development, participant in strategic projects, and budget responsibility for two-figure million EDP expenses. Personnel responsibility: 5.

(Sep. 1992 - Dec. 1993) Group leader and responsible for an EDP system with 60 users in an area (special foreign exchange) that each year contributes with a large positive result to the bank. The work has consisted of building up security (speed, access and backup), user administration, integration to mainframe from a Novell network. The work continued with strategy planning, comprehensive productivity improvements and automations. Personnel responsibility: 3.

(1990 - Aug. 1992) The trading division in the planning and management office. Conducted tasks such as EDP coordination between users and EDP suppliers, planning of developments as well as building management information (EIS/MIS).

From 1989-1991 employed as an assistant, 20 hours per week, and with the finishing of my exams in 1991, employed as assistant manager on full time.

(1989-1990) In charge of a EDP system for trading options, futures, FRA's, SWAP's and commodities in the bank (former Privatbank).

1987-1989: Epson Center Copenhagen ApS.
Partner in the company, programmer, teacher, technician and EDP sales person.

Programmed a membership accounting program (4. generation) for a dentist union and a video rental program (3. generation) for video rental stores. Ran seminars in spreadsheets and databases, among others for "Superfoss Informatic". Sold and installed PCs, Printers, Networks, administrative systems, word processors, databases and spreadsheets.

1985-1988: EDP-counsellor and educator at the Copenhagen Business School.
Wrote book as teaching material: Dbase II. The book has been published by "Samfundslitteratur".


4. CV - Curriculum vitae, Theoretical background:

Master of Business Administration and Computer Science degree (Cand. Merc.-dat) at the Copenhagen Business School.

Bachelor of Business Administration and Computer Science degree (HA-dat) at the Copenhagen Business School.

Computer Science (Datalogi 0) at "Datalogisk Institut", University of Copenhagen.

HF (higher preparation exam, gymnasium level) at "Rødovre Statsskole", extra courses in English, Mathematics and Physics.

Junior at "Fletcher Senior High School" in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA.

The Danish Folk School 10. grade extended graduation exams.


5. CV - Curriculum vitae, Courses:

Webserice virtualization, October 2014
Configuring and administering Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, September 2013
Sharepoint Conference in Anaheim - Los Angeles, California, USA, October 2011
DevWeek, .Net Conference in London, England, March 2010
.Net Framework fundamentals, Autum 2009
DevWeek, .Net Conference in London, England, March 2009
DevWeek, .Net Conference in London, England, March 2008
Sharepoint Conference in Seattle, Washington state, USA, March 2008
Inside Sharepoint products and technologies, August 2007
DevWeek, .Net Conference in London, February 2007
DevWeek, .Net Conference in London, February 2006
Java programming, J2EE programming, October 2001
Lotus Notes R5, Developer / Programmer / Web update, September 2001
Lotusphere, Berlin, September 2000
Develloping interactive web application in Lotus Notes / Domino, December 1999
Professional sales techniques, September/October 1999
Lotus Notes introduction to script, February 1999
Lotus Notes Application Development 2, December 1998
Lotus Notes Application Development 1, November 1998
AS/400 for IT Professionals, 5 day course, October 1996
The Role of IT in BPR, seminar London, March 1995
Introduction to management, 5 day seminar, May 1994
Project management, DIEU 1, 5 day course
Introduction to SQL


6. CV - Curriculum vitae, Languages:

Danish, English - fluently written and spoken
German - somewhat fluent in writing and speaking
Swedish, Norwegian - understand, and can be understood
Spanish - 1/2 year of evening class


7. CV - Curriculum vitae, Books written:

"Make money on stocks, 3. edition", ISBN: 87-7900-403-2
"Make money on stocks, 2. edition", ISBN: 87-7900-093-2
"Make money on stocks", ISBN: 87-7900-078-9
"DBase II", ISBN: 87-593-5038-5


8. CV - Curriculum vitae, Spare time activities:

Badminton, running, family / friends / socializing, IT / Programming, cooking, travelling.
Has been member of the board in an association of apartment owners for 3 years ('92-'95).
Has been member of the board in a badminton club for 4 years ('96-'99,'06-'07).


9. CV - Curriculum vitae, Strong / weak points:

Of type I am an ENTJ - which fits rather well. - Quick in perception, seeing the big picture but not always focusing on details. I think all people would like to do a really good job, if they are given the right environment and opportunity. I think that sums up both my strong and weak points ...


Employment ? See what it takes (job requirements) - and contact me via Simply Data.

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