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Amateur Invest, Screen Shots!

Below you'll find a few screen shots from the free software program Amateur Invest. - Please scroll down the page to see more screen shots. - Also you can view more screen shots on the tutorial page, and see the program in action on the demo / screencast page.

The Amateur invest main page screen shot, looks like this:
Amateur Invest main screen shot.
(Click on picture to enlage)

As you can see from the screen shot, on the left side are the main buttons, including:

1. The Bank part (with accounts and transactions),
2. The Stock part (with companies, prices, portfolio),
3. The reports and graphics part,
4. The Alarms & Watches part.

It's very easy to use. You simply enter data for securities, and import prices via the internet - for free.
- From the start Amateur Invest comes with >100 companies and automatically gets prices via internet for free, and you can add / import an unlimited amount of companies from many countries around the world.

Here are some example screen shots. Click on a picture to enlarge:

The portfolio page:
Portfolio screen shot example, where all portfolio management is done.

The prices, info and dates graphics page:
Stock price graph, showing historical stock price over time. Also technical analysis capability.

The download prices and securities page:
Import prices and securties screen shot.
The technical analysis page:
Technical analysis screen shot.
The financial links page:
Financial links screen shot.
The financial calendar page:
Finance calender screen shot.
The investment wizard page: The bank accounts page:
Bank transactios screen shot.
The currency page:
Currency window screen shot.
The budgeting page:
Budget window screen shot.

Please download the demo program or see the demo / screencasts, to view the many more features!

Or read more here, about the many things that Amateur Invest can do.

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