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Do you wish to make a lot of money ? Do you have money to invest ? Do you have venture capital to invest ? - Then read on - because Simply data is seeking venture capital for an innovative software company.

Amateur Invest is a brand with a successful internet web site, and successful software products. Unfortunately this is all a one man spare time show. - Yes, all this, - the software programs, and this internet site, are created by one person, in his spare time. Just think what could be accomplished on full time, perhaps with an employee or two. Or by outsourcing but still supervising the development.

And that is not all - I, the author of Amateur Invest, have many ideas on how to improve the investment software, and make it even more interesting for the beginner to medium experienced investor. This site could be expanded, and there are many ideas that could be implemented into the software programs, and drive lots of investors to the internet site.

The ideas are not just limited to this Amateur Invest internet site, but includes other finance and leisure time related internet sites - take a look at the page with all our links or just a few eg., pets heaven, Send a letter, invest software and casa dasa. Ideas and sites that could be highly profitable. - There's money to be made in the world of finance and leisure time - because more and more people spend more and more money investing and in making a comfortable living for themselves.

Seeking venture capital / investment partner. All that is needed are the economical resources for this to happen, ie. Venture Capital through investment partners. The investment needed doesn't have to be astronomical.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the really big score. To earn money by supplying Simply Data with venture capital, so that the company can grow to its full potential.

Everything will be done strictly legal, together with a lawyer. A business plan and budget will be made available. A company will be set up, and You buy shares in the company. If you have management and/or sales experience, then this can be used in the company, once you have supplied venture capital and become an Investment partner.

If you are serious about this once in a lifetime opportunity to earn money by investing venture capital, then get in contact with simply data. You can also read more about the creator of this internet site, and the software programs, on the curriculum vitae (cv) page.

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